29 Dec

What Supplements to take?

I’ve had people asking me what supplements I take and what I reckon is worth the money. So I thought I would do a quick post on what I take and what ones I think are most important for me. The supplements people require will all be slightly different as peoples goals may be different to mine and their diet may be slightly different aswell.

I would also like to say that before anyone goes out a buys supplements its important to get your diet sorted first as this will be the most effective use of your money!

Supplements I Take

1. Whey Protein – I personally use optima 2.0 by Genetic Supplements post workout and I also have a cheaper whey protein from Bulk Powders that I mostly use for cooking with.PWO Shake

2. Creapure – I tend to have 5g post workout with my whey protein.

3. “Load Up”  – This is another supplement from genetic supplements that is a blend of Creatine, Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate (increased muscle endurance). I take two scoops of this straight after I have breakfast.

4. Fish oil – I take fish oil after each meal.

5. Multivitamins – I use MultiVit from Genetic Supplements as I trust their quality. However there is plenty of choice when it comes to vitamins. Just bear in mind the you get what you pay for so don’t buy the cheapest rubbish you can find. I take this straight after my breakfast.vit, fish oil and load up

6. L-Leucine – I take Leucine as my diet revolves around carb backloading and it helps with protein and fat synthesis. You can read more about it here. I take 4g 2 hours after I have eaten a meal.

7. Recovery Spray – A magnesium based spray to help with recovery developed by Transdermal Technology. I apply this directly to the muscles that I have trained post workout.

8. Performance Spray – I use this product if I have a particularly heavy session coming up or I have had a hard day and need a little extra help. You can read more about the recovery spray and performance spray here.

9. Recovery Bath Salt – I have only just stared using this product, so far I am really liking it. It helps to replenish the levels of magnesium and zinc in your body as they get depleted from training. I use this product once a week.Recovery Bundle

I do take quite a lot of supplements but not all of those would be necessary for everyone. I would say that the most important supplements are the multivitamins, fish oils and whey protein. The other supplements are an added bonus if you can afford them. However I do highly recommend the recovery spray and salts as it has made a huge difference to the rate at which I recover.

Keep in mind that nutrition is more important than supplements. So if you have to choose between spending more on good quality food or supplements I would rather have the better quality food.

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