9 May

Transdermal Technology Recovery Bath Salts

I was previously given some performance spray and recovery spray to try out from Transderal Technology and loved them both. Therefore I was over the moon when I heard that TDT were releasing a magnesium bath salt product and wanted me to have a go. I previously found that using the recovery spray drastically improved my rate of recovery and had other benefits such as improving my sleep.  The Recovery spray is to be used after a workout on the muscles that had been trained, therefore it made sense for there to be something to replenish your magnesium levels across your entire body. This is why the TDT recovery baths salts were developed.

Magnesium Bath Salts aren’t a new idea but the formula created by TDT is being aimed at improving recovery after exercise. The Recovery bath salts are to be used in conjunction with the recovery spray and you will use the Magnesium bath salts once or twice a week and then keep the magnesium/ zinc levels topped up with the recovery spray applying it to the muscles that have been trained. This helps to take full advantage of all the benefits magnesium offers such as, more energy, improved sleep, improved flexibility, relaxes nervous system, etc. You can see the benefits of magnesium on a recent article I wrote after I initially tried the recovery spray.Magnesium Bath salts

People often like having a relaxing bath at the end of a hard day and the recovery bath salts are aimed at making this experience even more relaxing having the same lemon eucalyptus sent from the recovery spray. The recovery spray did sometimes leave your skin with a slight tingling feeling however you don’t get this with the bath salts as it doesn’t contain methyl nicotinate (causes the redness) as the process if is much more gentle.


The Magnesium bath salts are made of salt that is extracted from the Deadsea which is rich in magensium. It also has zinc sulphate, trace elements and minerals, essential oils with lemon eucalyptus (the same nice smell from the recovery spray), black pepper, sweet marjoram and rosemary.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using this product as it seems to help me relax and get a good nights sleep, which is a fundamental component to any healthy lifestyle. I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking to take their recovery to the next level and get a good nights sleep. If you want to find out more about the recovery bath salts or any other products the TDT offer then head over to their site and have a look by clicking here. :)

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