27 May

TDT Performance Spray and Recovery Spray (Transdermal Technology)

I was recently sent a couple of new products that have been developed by Trans-Dermal Technology called “Performance Spray” and “Recovery Spray” to try them out and see what I thought of them.

Firstly you may be wondering what a transdermal spray is? Well transdermal basically means via the skin, this allows for quicker absorption of nutrients into the blood stream. Therefore both of the sprays from TDT rely on this absorption to get the nutrients that you require working as quick as possible and in the location that they are required.

Transdermal Technology – Performance Spray


Transdermal Technology Performance Spray

The performance spray is a pre workout/ task supplement, containing caffeine, guarana, taurine and gingseng. You have to  spray this formula on your hands and rub it in 5 – 10 minutes before you are going to workout.

At first I thought the same as you are probably thinking now and it sounds like bullshit. The first time I decided to give it a go was after a hard day at work and wasn’t really feeling up to a strength day of squats and deadlifts. With the amount of caffeine the spray has I was expecting it to get me bouncing off the walls, but instead it helped me feel refreshed and able to focus again.

I have also used this spray for doing uni work as I have recently been writing probably the most boring dissertation ever written and trying to stay focused was a bit of a struggle and the spray definitely helped me to focus for an hour or so longer than I normally would have been able to.

I still use the performance spray now but I tend to save it for a heavy session or when I don’t have a lot of time and need a quick fix. I enjoy my pre workout ritual of cup of coffee and piece of fruit but if I have had a particularly hard day at work I make use of the spray to get my head back on.

Here’s a video of Ben Coomber the owner and developer of TDT.


Transdermal Technology – Recovery Spray


Transdermal Technology Recovery Spray

The Recovery spray is a magnesium based spray and I have used basic magnesium oil sprays before to aid my recovery. However this “Recovery Spray” has a few extra ingredients such as Zinc, Arginine, Niacin, trace elements and minerals and essential oils giving a few extra benefits as well as lovely smell ;). All of the ingredients in the spray are commonly depleted within the majority of the public and this is even more apparent within individuals that exercise. Therefore After you finish your workout rub this spray onto the muscles that you have worked and the formula will get to work helping you recover maximising your results.

One down side is that not all the magnesium does always soak and can leave an oily feel to your skin however you can have a shower 10 minutes after applying the spray as the majority of magnesium oil will have already soaked in.

When you first start to use this product some people have found that the spray can make your skin tingle in certain areas. This is normally due to the body being overly depleted of magnesium. If you do find that this happens, one thing you can do to help prevent it from happening again is to get some magnesium salts and put it in your bath to help replete your magnesium levels.

You can also use this spray just before going to sleep as the magnesium can have a relaxing effect helping to reach an optimal state of sleep which will also help you recover and get your “beauty sleep.”

I have already bought some more of this spray as even after smashing a leg session in the gym this spray seems to make a huge difference to whether or not I can get out off of the toilet the following day!


If you want to find out anymore about Trans-dermal Technologies products make sure and take a look at their site HERE.

I would also highly recommend checking out the work Ben Coomber carries out as he knows his stuff regarding nutrition and is a top man. Make sure and catch him on his BLOG or at Body Type Nutrition


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