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L-leucine Benefits

What is L-leucine?

L-leucine is an essential amino acid which are the building blocks of protein. So they help you recover faster and build muscle tissue. L-leucine helps with protein and fat synthesis, meaning that the protein you eat is put to better use so when you hit gun Friday more of the protein you stuff into your face is used in the recovery and building of those arms ;).

L-leucine Benefits

  • Supports muscle protein synthesis
  • Reduces catabolism
  • Used in the production of glucose for energy

Why supplement with L-leucine?

Genetic Supplements L-leucine tablets

Genetic Supplements L-leucine tablets

The body cannot produce leucine therefore to make sure that the body gets this important essential amino acid it must be taken in through the dietary sources. Lots of foods contain leucine such as protein rich meats, seafood, nuts and dairy. However it is common with bodybuilders to further supplement with L-leucine tablets or powders to make sure they are getting the required dosage. There have been a number of studies that have shown that supplementing with leucine can help activate your anabolic pathway helping to build muscle mass (Lollo et al, 2013).

Where to buy?

I would advise buying L-leucine in tablet form as it tastes bloody horrible and its much nicer to swallow a load of tablets and avoid the taste!

Bulkpowders L-leucine tablets

Bulkpowders L-leucine powder

Myprotein L-leucine powder


Genetic Supplements L-leucine tablets


Lollo, P, C, B. et al (2013) “L-leucine supplemented whey protein. Dose-response effect on heart mTOR activation of sedentary and trained rats”,  Food Research International. 53(1), pp. 543 – 550.

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