11 May

Dairy Free Tiramisu

If you happen to get a craving for a tiramisu but have a dairy intolerance, it can be difficult to satisfy the craving without upsetting your digestive system and not blowing up like a beached whale. Therefore I thought I would come up with a recipe for a dairy free tiramisu to help you all out. I must say I was amazed with how amazing this recipe tastes and will be having this as a go to recipe to suppress my sweet tooth!
dairy free tiramisu finished


3 Large eggs white and yolks separated

5 Tbps of coconut sugar

1 Small pinch of salt

1 Cup coconut cream (Put the can upside down in the fridge so that the cream sets in the bottle of the can allowing you pour the remaining liquid off when you open it)

2 Packs schar gluten free lady fingersDairy free tiramisu dusted

2 Tbps dark rum

2 cups Americano

Cocoa powder for dusting

Dairy free dark chocolate for shavings.


  1. Firstly you need to separate the yolks from the whites from your eggs and have them in separate mixing bowls.
  2. In the bowl you have the egg whites use an electric whisk and beat the eggs along with the pinch of salt. Continue to whisk until they form stiff peaks an you can hold the bowl above your head without it falling on you!
  3. In the Bowl with the yolks start whisking the yolks and slowly adding the coconut sugar. It is then time to add the rum (if you want rum, I personally didn’t) then gradually add the coconut cream.
  4. It is now time to fold the egg whites into the yolks, but add the whites gradually.
  5. Place the lady fingers in a large baking dish and pour the Americano over them and soaking it all up. However make sure they aren’t drowned in americano as we don’t want them to break up.Dairy free tiramisu layers
  6. Now get your big deep glass baking tray and spread out a layer of ladyfingers neatly in the bottom.
  7. Now pour half of the yolk/ cream mixture over the layer of layer fingers and then place another layer of the espresso soaked lady fingers on top. Now finish by pouring the rest of the mixture on top.
  8. Now cover your dairy free tiramisu and chill in the fridge for at least 8 hours to allow it to set.
  9. When cooled and ready to be served simply dust the top of the tiramisu with the cocoa powder and add the dairy free chocolate shavings.
  10. There you have it, a dairy free tiramisu, enjoy.

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