24 Dec

Carb Backloading Meal Plan

If you aren’t yet familar with carb backloading then make sure to read my Carb Backloading Diet Example article. This will tell you all you need to know about carb backloading and show you an example of what my diet looks like.

I had some great results from using carb backloading and managed to gain 10lbs while also losing 6% bodyfat. My goal was to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously, however carb backloading can be used to achieve all sorts of goals.

Before and After Front

Advantages of Carb Backloading

  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Increased energy levels mentally and physically
  • Health benefits such as better skin/ hair/ vitality
  • Better quality sleep
  • Lose stubborn fat
  • Works with males and females

Personalised Carb Backloading Meal Plan for Just £25

7 different meal plans, one for each day of the week plus the carb depletion meal plan.

Calories and macronutrients worked out to achieve maximum results.

Tell me the foods you LIKE and DISLIKE and shall make the diet to your taste.

I will need you to fill out a short questionnaire before I am able to create your personalised carb backloading meal plan.

All of this for just £25!

Contact me via the form below to get started.

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