27 Apr

Bodymax CF375 Review

The power rack is often the most fiercely contested area in any gym. If you are like me and get sick of someone bicep curling in the squat rack at peak time, then it may be time to do what I did and buy yourself a Bodymax CF375 and create your very own shrine to lift some heavy ol’ weight in your own home. It was a proud day for me when I purchased mine, it was a turning point from only squatting what I could clean and jerk into position, to stacking the plates on and giving the quads some abuse and forcing them to grow.

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I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect squat rack and was shocked at how expensive some of them are! Then I came across the Bodymax CF375, this beast is reasonably priced and looked to be man enough to take a substantial amount of weight, I’m not the world’s strongest man and it doesn’t need to be capable of being hit by a tank. As you can see in the specification below the Bodymax CF375 has a capacity of 180kg which was plenty! However if you are looking to throw some seriously heavy weight around it may be worth checking out the Bodymax CF475 with a capacity of 360Kg.

Bodymax CF375 Specification

Dimensions – 1300L x 1160W x 2100H

4 x adjustable safety bars

2 x adjustable bar catches

Capacity – 180 kg/ 400 lbs

Narrow and wide grip knurled Chin up bar

I use my power rack for far more than just squats, I also do military press, shrugs, bench press, rack chins, chin ups, pull ups, dips (as I have 2 olympic barbells, I put them across the spotting bars) and you can even bicep curl in there as no one cares.

The Bodymax CF375 is perfect from beginners through to experienced lifters. Having the spotting bars there gives you the confidence to add that extra 5/10kg to your lift or do that extra rep making your workout that bit more effective allowing you to reach your goals faster whether they are to get stronger/ bigger/ leaner. I found this was especially true with bench press as it can be very dangerous to bench press to your absolute limits without a spot but having the spotting bars means you can fail on a rep and live to see another day!

If you are from the US and want to get your hand on a Bodymax CF375 but can’t seem to find one then it is worth checking out Powertec power racks as they are very similar to Bodymax in terms of price and quality.  But will leave you smashing the pavement with every step.

The only downside to buying a power rack is that you do need to have quite a large space available where it can live. However the benefits of having squat rack make it worth sacrificing something else. Even if you have to go and park your car in the road rather than in your garage.


It is possible to buy a lat/ low pulley attachment for the power rack which can help add another dimension to your workout. You place Olympic weights on the back of the attachment and heyho you can perform cable exercise. The attachment can easily take 100kg and is easy to assemble so if you are looking to expand your workout I would recommend getting this attachment for the Bodymax CF375.

It’s time to start cracking the pavement with every step you take!

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