Fitness has always had an influence on me from quite a young age, from loosing my puppy fat to trying to get stronger and faster for rugby. I played rugby since I was 4 and it wasn’t until I was 14 that I got introduced to a dumbell that my brother bought and would sit in the front room doing the only exercise we knew, bicep curl! I gradually gathered more weightlifting equipment which I used to do in between playing rugby 5 times a week. Once I finished school I had a gap year working full time which meant rugby took a back seat but by this time I had collected enough gym equipment that I could perform some quite intense workouts. I took this love for working out with me to university  where I am currently studying construction management and got back into playing rugby which was an entirely different experience from my previous school and club rugby due to the social side.

In my third year I went on an exchange student program to Sweden where I lived for 5 months and didn’t have a lot to do so would get up go to the gym eat rubbish and go out on the town. I came back looking quite bloated even with all the work I had put in at the gym. This is when I decided that I wanted to see how far I could push myself in the gym. I had 8 months until I returned to Uni so I went and got a nutritionist to help me with my goal  of “getting into the best shape of my life.” Within the first 5 months I made quite a significant transformation and people mentioned that I should consider competing. Competing in fitness as always been an interest of mine but I never thought it would be  possible so with my new found confidence I thought why not. I am now preparing for my first fitness competition on the 9th November at the WBFF London! I hope you enjoy my blog of my journey to competing in fitness and any other cool stuff I’ve learnt along the way or just general motivation.